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Master of Public Health Program

Graduate Certificate Program

Admission Requirements:

  • All applications must have an undergraduate degree, and/or
  • Be enrolled in a graduate program at K-State OR be admitted to a graduate program as a non-degree student.

To Apply for Admission to the Certificate Program:

  • Apply through the Graduate School application. When asked to Select a Degree and Program choose “Graduate Certificate” for degree and “Public Health Core Concepts – Graduate Certificate” for program.  The program will be listed under the Interdisciplinary tab.
  • Online students apply through Global Campus.
  • Once your application account is set up, you will be asked to provide the following documents that you will upload to the online application and pay the application fee:
  • A narrative letter describing objectives in pursuing the degree and plans for completion of the degree requirements.  Instructions for the narrative letter are below:

Admission Narrative Statement (PDF file)

  • Copies of all transcripts.  The last 60 hours of your undergraduate degree will be reviewed and must average 3.0 or higher (“B”) on a scale of 4.0.  If accepted, you will need to provide "official" transcripts to the Graduate School.
  • One letter of reference from your supervisor, advisor, or a professor that can address your ability to succeed in Graduate School.  You will provide the name and e-mail address and the online system will e-mail that person and provide them with a link.
  • GRE scores are NOT required.
  • If English is not your native language, an official record of the TOEFL score sent directly from ETS. Required: TOEFL score of 550
  • For international applicants only, a completed affidavit of financial support dated within nine months of desired entry date. Note that any substitute documentation other than the affidavit cannot be accepted. Download the form from the Graduate School International Students webpage.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the MPH Program Office (785-532-2042 or e-mail mphealth@ksu.edu).


All application materials must be uploaded to the online application by the dates below. Note that financial aid documents may have much earlier deadline dates.

Domestic students only 

There are no specific deadlines for domestic students.  Applications are accepted and students admitted continually, but for the timely processing of your application the following deadlines are suggested:

  • 1 July – for Fall Semester enrollment 
  • 1 November – for Spring Semester enrollment
  • 1 April – for Summer Semester enrollment

Note:  Graduate assistantships are controlled by departments, and some may have earlier application deadlines, for funding consideration.  If you plan to pursue an assistantship, check with the individual department faculty for their specific deadlines.

International students are only accepted for Fall enrollment 

The Graduate School deadline for International Applications is: 

  • 1 January – for Fall Semester enrollment

If, at a later date, either while completing the certificate or after completion, you apply to the MPH degree program at Kansas State University and are admitted, all the MPH core courses required for the graduate certificate may be applied to the MPH degree.

Please direct all questions to:  
Dr. Ellyn Mulcahy
Director, Master of Public Health Program
103 Trotter Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas 66506

More information can be found at: