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Department of Modern Languages

German Courses 

German Courses that are prerequisites 

German I-  GRMN 101 11197, MTWU 9:30-10:20. This interactive course is for students with no previous experience in German. Students develop basic language skills and explore cultural products and practices of the German-speaking world.    German II- GRMN 102 11199, MTWU 10:30-11:20.


German III- GRMN 300 Section A, 11201 MTWU 11:30-12:30. In 300, students expand their vocabulary and become familiar with more complex grammar. They read and analyze texts and videos and engage in discussion.     German IV- GRMN 301   11203, MWF 10:30 - 11:20 a.m. with Dr. Derek Hillard. In 301, students read, interpret, and discuss longer German texts, extending the focus on language and culture. Students research various aspects of the history and culture of German-speaking countries and learn to write about and present the results of their research.

Spring 2022 German 500 Level Courses

Intro to 20th/21st  Century Lit  GRMN 522 . 11205, TU 1:05-2:20 with Dr. Necia Chronister. Take your German to the next level while exploring the topics and styles of 20th century literature. Students in this class will gain an overview of the major authors and literary trends of the 20th century while discussing literature’s responses of historical events and concerns. Students will develop their skills in analyzing literature and discussing it in German. Prerequisite: GRMN 4 or equivalent     GRMN 527- Advanced German Conversation . 12155, MWF 12:30-1:20 with Dr. Derek Hillard. Explore a range of topics including current events, politics, literature, the arts, film, popular science, and technology through multiple media. Build your German vocabulary and improve your reading, listening, and verbal communication skills! Prerequisite: GRMN 4 or equivalent

Spring 2022 German 700 Level Courses

GRMN 729- Vienna 1900 16531, MW 3:55-5:10, with Dr. Derek Hillard           Vienna was the site of dazzling and extraordinary cultural productivity around 1900. We will explore a host of period objects from this creative vortex: visual art (by painters such as Schiele and Klimt), music (by composers such as Mahler and Strauss), design (tables to tea cups) & architecture (Otto Wagner), literature (by Schnitzler and Hofmannsthal), and ideas (Freud and Wittgenstein) and use these objects to make projects of our own (translations, rewritings, updatings, videos, personal essays, podcasts)." Prerequisite: GRMN 521 or 522