Automated recording solutions

Several on-campus lecture halls, conference rooms, and other facilities are equipped with Mediasite recorder appliances to enable automated, schedule-based recording using Mediasite. Mediasite recorders enable seamless, hassle-free lecture capture, where the finished recordings are automatically uploaded to Mediasite and available within minutes for instructors to use within their Canvas course, and for others to easily share their presentation online.

Mediasite recorder appliances

Mediasite Recorder ApplianceAs a hardware-based solution, these devices interface Mediasite with in-room audio-visual and control systems to enable powerful automation of rich media capture. Recorders can be scheduled to automatically record the same content projected to the audience in attendance, as well as capture video of the presenter and the audio from the presenter's microphone.

No schedule? No problem!

Mediasite Record Now desktop iconUsing Mediasite Record Now, you can start an unscheduled, ad-hoc recording on a recorder appliance. Simply double-click the Mediasite Record Now icon on the desktop, choose a few basic options, and start recording on a moment's notice.

HOW TO: Create an unscheduled recording using Mediasite Record Now

Get started

Are you teaching or presenting in one of the rooms below? Reach out to the appropriate contact as indicated to get started capturing with Mediasite automated recording solutions.

Departmental/unit solution purchases and integration

Is your department or unit ready to integrate Mediasite into its lecture halls or other facilities?

Contact the Division of Information Technology for a consultation to learn more about the integration process, appliance capabilities, requirements and costs.