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Kansas Lipidomics Research Center


Lipid Profiling:

Our current protocol is to have scientists extract their own lipids before sending them to us. A protocol for extraction from Arabidopsis leaves,protocol for extraction of animal lipids, and other protocols are available. We recommend that samples be dried before shipping, and then shipped to us in dry ice. Samples delivered in person need to be dissolved in exactly 1.0 ml chloroform. Please contact Mary Roth at mrroth@ksu.edu before sending samples.

LIPID PROFILING PRICES (effective May 2019):

Lipid Profiling(1)$65.92 (per sample)
Additional Charge when only 1 to 5 samples are processed through any analysis; waived one time per client$108.94
Lipid Profiling (sample #51 or above)$56.31 (per sample)

(1) The Lipid Profiling price includes:
     (a) Typical sample preparation time including derivatization and/or sample 
     (b) Addition of one Internal Standard (or preformulated mixture)
     (c) Analysis through Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry
     (d) Typical Data Processing Time

Other analyses: Please inquire

- We strongly recommend that 5 or more biological replicates of each sample be analyzed.
- All fees are set on a "break-even" pricing schedule.
- The prices shown above include 52% indirect costs.  We do not charge this to researchers in the state of Kansas; thus Kansas researchers receive a discount of 34.2%.

Standard Mixtures for Lipid Profiling and Quantitation:

We have available the standard mixtures the KLRC Analytical Laboratory uses in its Lipid Profiling and quantitation methods. Please inquire for further information.  Note:These are for use at your lab/facility. The cost of necessary internal standards is included in the "per sample" prices noted above for lipid profiling at KLRC.

Phospholipid Internal Standard Mixture (for 100 samples)$303.75
Phospholipid Internal Standard Mixture (for 1000 samples)$2,601.75
Galactolipid Internal Standard Mixture (for 100 samples)$102.34
Galactolipid Internal Standard Mixture (for 1000 samples)$880.10

*Standard mixtures were prepared using the methods outlined in Welti et al., 2002, J. Biol. Chem., 277, 31994.  However, because mass spectrometers have improved in sensitivity since 2002, the amount of internal standard provided per sample is approximately 1/5 of that indicated in that paper.  Amounts are similar to those shown in Xiao et al., 2010 (supplemental data).  Exact components may differ slightly but the PL mix provides 2 standards each for PC, LPC, PE, LPE, PG, LPG, PI, PS, and PA. The GL mix contains hydrogenated MGDG and DGDG.  Additional details on components are available from Mary Roth (mrroth@ksu.edu) and will be provided with purchase of the standards.  Please note that we have done our best to quantify and combine these internal standard components accurately, but the mixtures do not come with any guarantees.


PLEASE NOTE: We do ask that you acknowledge the KLRC in any publication containing data or conclusions drawn from data generated at the KLRC Analytical Laboratory as follows:

The lipid analyses described in this work were performed at the Kansas Lipidomics Research Center Analytical Laboratory. Instrument acquisition and lipidomics method development was supported by National Science Foundation (EPS 0236913, MCB 1413036, DBI 0521587, DBI1228622), Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation, K-IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) of National Institute of Health (P20GM103418), and Kansas State University.

Inquiries:  mrroth@ksu.edu

Please include a subject line.