Analytical Laboratory

We offer characterization and quantitation of lipid molecular species (see species analyzed) from crude solvent extracts of living tissues. We are currently prepared to analyze the major membrane lipid species from plant, yeast, and animal samples.

Our methods utilize electrospray ionization, result in the generation of singly charged molecular ions with excellent concentration sensitivity, and MS/MS precursor or neutral loss scanning allow detection of all species within a lipid head group class. Sequential scanning of crude extracts in various MS/MS precursor scan modes gives a complete profile of the molecular species in many lipid classes, with speciation to the level of total acyl chain length and total number of double bonds. A more detailed explanation is available here.

Analytical work includes:

  • Sample preparation from tissue extracts
  • Addition of internal standard mixtures
  • Mass spectrometric analysis
  • Data analysis

To view the equipment we use for our lab analyses, please see the Instrumentation page of our site.

For any inquiries relating to the analytical laboratory, please contact our lab manager Mary Roth at

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