Kansas Lipidomics Research Center

Welcome to the KLRC!

Kansas lipid researchers have established the Kansas Lipidomics Research Center (KLRC) at Kansas State University with funding from Kansas NSF EPSCoR and KTEC. The Center's Analytical Laboratory opened in 2003. The Center is currently directed by Ruth Welti.

Lipidomics is the branch of metabolomics in which non-water-soluble metabolites are studied. Metabolomics or metabolic profiling is an emerging, comprehensive research strategy to study the functions and levels of metabolites in relation to the function of genes and their proteins.

The mission of the Kansas Lipidomics Research Center is threefold:

  • The Analytical Laboratory provides comprehensive, quantitative profiling of lipid molecular species with high sample throughput using mass spectrometric technologies.
  • The Technology Development Component works to expand lipid profiling and other metabolomic capabilities.
  • The Scientific Research Component promotes collaborative research among lipid scientists and provide training opportunities for postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students.