Wildcat Dialogues

An Intercultural Leadership Experience

Join all new and first-year K-State students for a night of meaningful dialogue and building connections. View photos from the 2023 event on Facebook.

What you’ll do:

  • Learn how to create communities of belonging
  • Build cross-cultural relationships through meaningful dialogue
  • Engage in active listening, empathy and perspective-taking
  • Build your skillset to understand cultural differences and similarities

How you’ll use it later:

  • Identify tangible action steps you can take to create a community of belonging for all at K-State.
  • Recognize the ways in which your cultural and social identities make an impact on how you see and experience the world.
  • Recognize the ways in which others’ cultural and social identities differ from your own and how they see and experience the world differently, like you.
  • Demonstrate authentic curiosity and empathy when engaging in meaningful dialogues across difference.

Save the Date: Sept. 18, 2024

The planning committee is seeking volunteers to assist with the next Wildcat Dialogues!



Read the FAQs or email Mariya Vaughn at mbjv@ksu.edu or Tamara Bauer at tamara@ksu.edu.

Wildcat Dialogues

Participants share what you can expect at this event.