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Staley School of Leadership Studies


Wildcat Dialogues 

When: Monday, September 17, 7:00PM- 9:00PM, K-State Student Union Ballroom

Join 1000 fellow Wildcats for a night of courageous conversation and building connections for intercultural learning and inclusive leadership development.  Most of all, this event seeks to advance what we value most at K-State — FAMILY! 

You will hear stories of the K-State experience from a panel of student leaders, followed by small group discussion facilitated by students, faculty, and staff from across the university.   


New students can RSVP individually at the link above

Group leaders (instructor, RA, etc.) can RSVP for their class, floor, or group at the link above

Facilitator Sign Up

Faculty, staff, and students are invited to serve as small group facilitators at the event.

Training and details provided. See requirements and sign up at link