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Department of Modern Languages

Modern Languages - German

If you're on the fence about whether you should study German at K-State, watch this thirty second video that explains all of the benefits of learning German both while you're at K-State and after graduation!

Click HERE to see our German language courses! 

The linked page is updated prior to the next semester, so you can use that page to plan which classes you'd like to take!

Are you considering doing a study abroad?

Check out this video to learn about our KSU in Berlin and Leipzig summer program! For more info, take a look at our study abroad page.

Minor Requirements

The German Minor requires 20 credit hours above level 200 to complete, including 3 literary credit hours. K-State Catalog is available here.

Major Requirements

Thirty-two credit hours of German courses at and above 300-level, including two required literature courses at the 500-level (GRMN 521 and GRMN 522 ), and at least three 700-level courses. A grade of “C” or better or a minimum 2.5 GPA is required in all German courses counted towards the major. Classes for the major cannot be taken Pass/Fail. K-State Catalog is available here.

Meet the professors!

Dr. Chronister

headshot photo of Dr. Necia ChronisterAssociate Professor, German
Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis

Dr. Chronister teaches courses on German language, literature, film, and culture. Her research focuses on material issues of home and property in contemporary literature and film, the changing society of the former East Germany in the 1990s, body materiality in fiction, and embodied reading. She recently published a book titled Domestic Disputes: Examining Discourses of Home and Property in the Former East Germany.

Dr. Hillard

headshot photo of Dr. Derek HillardProfessor, German
Ph.D., University of Washington

Professor Hillard teaches courses in German language, literature, culture, and translation. His research focuses on emotion and psychology in literature, connections between science and the arts, history of German thought, and German poetry.

Dr. Luly

Headshot photo of Dr. Sara LulyAssociate Professor, German
Ph.D., Ohio State University

Dr. Sara Luly teaches all levels of German language, literature and culture classes. Her research areas include German Gothic literature, mental illness in the late 18th century, & the works of women authors around 1800. She is also the Faculty Director of the University Honors Program. Follow her on Twitter @SaraLuly2

Looking to continue your education at K-State? Check out our graduate studies program! With German, there are three options:

The Department of Modern Languages offers three M.A. tracks

For more information about earning your Masters at K-State, check out our Graduate Studies page!

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