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September 15, 2022

Spring microcredential pilots requested

Submitted by Ashley Nietfeld

The K-State Microcredentials Task Force is seeking pilot offerings for the spring 2023 semester. The microcredentials may be credit or noncredit and delivered online, in person or in a hybrid format.

Only a limited number of offerings will be accepted for the spring to ensure a broad sampling of pilot microcredentials. Faculty and staff are asked to indicate their interest by completing a brief online form with the following information:

  • Title of pilot microcredential. 
  • Contact name and email. 
  • Department or unit
  • Microcredential level — credit undergraduate, credit graduate or noncredit. 
  • Modality — in person, online or hybrid.

Please complete your submission by Sept. 30.

Microcredentials are short units of learning and offer pathways to achieve affordable, accessible, focused and immediately acknowledged learning opportunities. They have the following characteristics:

  • Focused on learners and their interests, needs, skills and career goals.
  • Awarded based on demonstrated skill or competency in a specific area(s).
  • Developed, approved and endorsed by the university.
  • Gained in a shorter or more flexible time period.
  • Stand-alone or stackable, wherein stackable offerings can be combined to count toward a higher education qualification — e.g., certificate, degree, etc.

For more information about the K-State microcredentials initiative, visit the microcredentials website.

Questions about the spring pilot opportunity should be addressed to microcred@k-state.edu.