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Status of in-person visits to campus

To focus on the health and safety of future Wildcats and the entire K-State family, we are suspending daily in-person visits to our campuses until further notice. We are closely monitoring the ongoing situation around Coronavirus (COVID-19) and will post any changes to our plans as the situation requires.

Several events are moving remotely during this period, so please navigate to your campus location of choice to explore virtual visit opportunities!

Visiting K-State is the best way to truly get a feel for what the university has in store. Walk the same sidewalks as generations of K-Staters before you. Meet with the faculty who will become your mentors. Grab a coffee or a bite to eat, and don't forget dessert — our famous Call Hall ice cream is available at all campus locations. When you visit, you can explore any programs, activities and organizations that interest you. We can't wait to welcome you to the K-State family!

Choose a campus location to schedule your visit


Anderson Hall


Olathe Campus


Polytechnic Campus
Eisenhower Hall

Manhattan Campus Graduate School Tour

If you're considering attending graduate school at the K-State Manhattan campus, please take advantage of a Graduate School campus tour. One of our graduate student ambassadors will guide you through campus and explain what is unique about K-State.

Jardine Complex Globe

K-State Global Campus Virtual Open House Tour

If you are a student interested in attending K-State online, you may enjoy learning more about the campus through the Virtual Open House.