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Final Grade Submission Information - Spring 2022

Final grade submission is in KSIS only. Instructors are encouraged to visit KSIS and become familiar with the system and tools prior to submitting final grades.

Important Dates

Grade Roster Availability Regular CoursesNon-standard Courses
Grade rosters will be available in KSIS for grade entry after 5:00 P.M. Friday, May 6th.Grade Rosters will be available in KSIS for grade entry on the last day of class.
Grade Submission Deadlines 

Grades will be due 5:00 pm, May 17th for term courses with final exams given Monday, May 10th - Friday, May 14th.

Grades will be due five business days after a class ends, except when the last day of the non-standard time class coincides with the last day of the regular session classes for a term. In that case the grade submission deadline will be the same as a regular session class.

The final day to submit grades for Spring 2022 is May 17th at 5 P.M.

Grades Available for Students for ViewingMay 18th, after 8:00 A.M.Five business days after the course ends - once grades have been approved and posted to students’ academic records in KSIS. 

Important Grade Submission Facts

  • A grade must be assigned to all students before their grades can be Approved in KSIS.  Otherwise, grades will remain in a Review status.
  • Instructors are encouraged to periodically click the Save button when entering grades for large course sections.
  • Instructors who copy grades from K-State Online to KSIS must also go to KSIS and Approve the grades in order to Post the grades to the students' academic history. 
  • A grade of NR (Not Reported) will be automatically inserted in ALL Grade Rosters for each student who does not have a final grade reported.

Get Help

Online Instructions

Here are links to step-by-step instructions and additional information about submitting final grades in KSIS:

Instructor Led Training

Instructor led training is available to faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants at no charge.  Registration is required.  See the KSIS Training page for dates and times.

Archive of Grade Submission Dates