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Office for the Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering

Prior Events

2015-2016 Events

All Together for Innovation

February 27, 2016

During this event, 88 students enjoyed activities that helped them explore the way scientists and engineers create ideas and inventions that make our lives happier, healthier, safer, and easier! Some of the activities include: "How Strong is Sand?", students constructed a bridge using sand and tissue paper, "Turning Up the Heat on Cancer", students learned about microwave devices used for treating cancer with heat, and "DNA: Revealing the Code of Life", students discussed the importance of DNA, demo electrophoresis and physical mapping, and hands on isolation of fruit DNA from strawberries.  

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All for Animal Health

November 14, 2015

At this event, students from all over Kansas learned about how scientists and engineers help make animals lives easier and healthy. Some of the activities include: "Exploring Equine Digestion System", which explored the digestion system in horses, "Toxicology in a Box", where the students learned about important concepts in toxicology such as dose-response, body size, variability in response, and the uptake of chemicals, and "It's in their Genes", which looked at how DNA strands are formed.

Summer Workshop

June 3-5, 2015

This summer, 33 middle school students attended our 16th annual Summer Workshop. The students spent three days on K-State's campus participating in a wide variety of hands-on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) activities led by faculty and students. Students were assigned to one of two groups. Each group was assigned two K-State female STEM student mentors. Activities were held in classrooms and laboratories on campus, and in the evenings the students explored the other side of campus life - swimming, bowling, and hanging out in the residence halls. Thanks to everyone who made this event possible! Visit our Facebook page for pictures from the workshop - facebook.com/KStateKAWSE


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