Multimedia, Video, and Web Conferencing

Kansas State University offers a variety of services to help you with multimedia, video, and web conferencing. These are divided into self-service and full-service options and described below.

Acquisition of web/video conferencing devices should be compatible with existing university web/video conferencing systems. Information on current university systems can be obtained from the Division of Communications and Marketing's Video and Engineering Services webpage and via consultation with staff. Units that acquire web/video conferencing equipment or systems including software that are not compatible with the university systems will do so with the understanding that these will not be centrally supported. Equipment purchases must meet federal regulations, export control laws, and information security requirements.

Video represents a university record and will be managed in accordance with the PPM 3090: Retention of Records policy and the Records Retention Schedule.


Video and audio conferencing
Electronically link geographically dispersed participants so that they can see and hear each other in a live and interactive environment.

Equipment checkout
Digital video camcorders, tripods, audio recorders, and other audio/visual equipment is available for checkout to
K-State students, faculty, and staff.

Video editing and encoding
Download, edit, and encode video into a variety of formats.

Video capture via laptop with Mediasite
Record yourself and your slideshow presentations through the use of the Mediasite software capturing system available to all instructors at K-State.

CD/DVD duplication
Use our hardware to duplicate your own blank media.

Meeting capabilities making it easy to join and collaborate across multiple devices.

MS Teams
Collaboration and communication tool for groups, units, departments, organizations, and a workspace for meetings, file sharing, and app sharing.


Live webcasting
Have us set up on location and provide you with a live audio/video stream of your event through the Internet (can also be password protected).

Broadcasting and distribution
Live or taped programs, segments, or raw footage that can be beamed almost anywhere in the United States using a fixed or mobile Ku-band dish and receiver.

Remote production
A skilled crew with a mobile production unit that can shoot, edit, generate titles, ensure good audio, and monitor and switch between multiple on-site camera feeds.

Television production
Pre-production, production and post-production services include everything from planning, budgeting, lighting, and recording to editing.

Video editing and encoding
We can provide video editing of content you supply or we capture and then encoded that video into a variety of formats for Internet streaming or archiving.