IT Equipment Checkout

IT Equipment Checkout is a service that makes multimedia equipment available for use, at no charge, by current K-State students, faculty, and staff. The equipment is for academic purposes only, and checking out multiple items of the same type is not permitted. Late, damaged, or lost equipment is subject to charges.

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Equipment Loan Period

7 days

Checkout Requirements

Please bring the following with you when you come to checkout equipment:

  • Your eid
  • Your WID
  • Your K-State ID card
  • A direct phone number where you can be reached

Late Fees and Charges

There is no charge to checkout equipment; however, there are potential charges in the event of returning equipment late or damaged.

  • Late fee charges: $1 per hour for each hour the item is overdue.
  • If equipment has not been returned in two weeks and the patron is not responding to communications from the IT Checkout office, the K-State police department will be contacted.
  • Damage fees vary by item. The maximum fee is listed on the checkout paperwork and fees may be less than the maximum if only a part/accessory for the item that can be replaced is damaged.


We are flexible, but extensions are NOT guaranteed and are subject to equipment demand and other reservations. If an extension would interfere with another patron’s equipment reservation, then one will not be granted. In the event an extension is granted, it will only be for one day.

Large events and conferences

IT equipment checkout is to be used for small personal projects for classes, research, or unit projects. While checking out more than one item is allowed, checking out multiple items of the same type is not allowed. For example, a request to check out 10 laptops at the same time would be declined.

For additional information or to schedule an equipment reservation, contact us: 785-532-4918 or

IT Equipment Checkout
Sunderland Foundation
Innovation Lab
Hale Library, Room 235
Kansas State University

Hours: M-F 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.