Eisenhower Lecture Series

Dwight D. EisenhowerThe Eisenhower Lecture in War and Peace is a biennial event hosted by the Kansas State University Department of History. Internationally acclaimed historians are invited to speak on an issue of war and peace in their field of specialization. Lecturers are also invited to lecture specific undergraduate classes as well as lead graduate seminars and interact with graduate students. Department faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students as well as supporters of the Department of History are also invited to attend a special banquet with the guest lecturer and participate in an informal post-lecture question and answer session with the guest speaker.

The opinions and interpretations presented in these lectures are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Kansas State University and/or the Department of History. All of the Eisenhower Lectures in War and Peace are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of the Kansas State University Department of History.

  1. "Shadows of Time: Experiences in Research" by Edward M. Coffman
  2. "Eisenhower and the American Dream" by John Keegan (1986)
  3. "Nixon and Vietnam" Vietnam and Electoral Politics" by Stephen Ambrose
  4. "Eisenhower in Perspective: Ranking Him Among the Great Commanders of American History" by Russell F. Weigley (1991)
  5. "On the General Board of the Navy, Admiral Hilary P. Jones, and Naval Arms Limitation, 1921-1931" by William R. Braisted (©1991)
  6. "The Convenient Opponent: The Wehrmach and D-Day" by Dennis E. Showalter
  7. "Understanding is Better than Remembering: The Korean War, 1945-1954" by Allan R. Millett (1995)
  8. "Less Than We Can Be" by Martin Van Crevald
  9. "Why We Still Care: The Civil War in History and Memory" by Carol Reardon (2000)
  10. "Eisenhower, the Army, and the American Way of War" by Brian McAllister Linn (©2003)
  11. "Preemptive Strikes, Regime Change and the Just-War Tradition," by Jonathan Riley-Smith (2004)
  12. “Remembering Survival: The Starachowice Factory Slave Labor Camps” by Christopher Browning (2008)
  13. "Pope Pius XII in World War II" by Gerhard L. Weinberg (2008)
  14. "Three Roads to Revolution: Peasant Militias and the Emergence of Modern Mexico" by Terry Rugeley (2010)
  15. “Eisenhower and the Cold War Prestige Race: Sputnik, Satellites, and Men on the Moon” by Dr. Yanek Mieczkowski (2013)
  16. “Into The Crucible: War And The Formation Of Empire In North America, 1673-1715” by Dr. Fred Anderson (2016)
  17. “The Language of the Sea: The Artistic Representation of Early Modern Naval Battles” by Dr. David L.M. Onnekink (2018)