The K-State History Department offers substantial scope to cover several thematic areas of concentration.

Agricultural and Environmental History

As a Land Grant school whose culture and economy have historically been shaped by animal and crop production, the history of agriculture holds a prominent place in the academic offerings of Kansas State University. Environmental History, a more recent field, has become increasingly more important to university research and curriculum worldwide.

Military History

The History Department has a long tradition of research and teaching in military history. With five military historians on the faculty and strong connections with Fort Leavenworth, the Eisenhower Library, and the Truman Library, Kansas State is an excellent institution for studying military history. Our graduates have gone into museum work or become official historians for the US military in addition to traditional academic careers.

Religious History

Exploring the intersections between religions and society both in American history and in a global context.

Lecture Series

The K-State Department of History hosts two Lecture Series every other year, the Parrish Lecture series and the Eisenhower Lecture series.