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Department of History

Graduate Program

The Department of History welcomes applicants for graduate study at the M.A. and Ph.D. level with a variety of historical interests, but we especially encourage applications in these three areas:
Military History

Our excellent scholars in this field, the Institute for Military History and 20th Century Studies (which works closely with the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth), and K-State's interdisciplinary graduate program in Security Studies has earned us recognition as one of best military history programs in the country. Students wishing to specialize in military history have a broad range of courses to choose from, and Manhattan's proximity to both the Eisenhower and Truman Presidential Libraries provides our students with a rich source of primary materials. The Eisenhower lecture series regularly brings world-renowned scholars to campus, and the World War II Studies Association as well as the Chinese Military History Society are housed at Kansas State.

Agricultural and Environmental History

The department has a number of scholars specializing in agricultural and/or environmental history, and a substantial presence on the editorial boards of major journals and publishers in the field. The Chapman Center for Rural Studies, which opened in 2008, conducts primary research into the history of Kansas communities and offers students in this emphasis a unique research experience to complement their regular coursework.

Religious History

K-State offers students the opportunity to explore the intersections between religions and society both in American history and in a global context. Students in religious history are further supported by the annual Parrish Colloquium, which often brings noted religious scholars to K-State to talk about their research.

For more information on the workings of the graduate program, please contact the Acting Director of Graduate Studies, Michael Krysko, at mkrysko@k-state.edu or (785) 532-0364.

For information on admissions procedures, contact the Director of Graduate Admissions, Professor Louise Breen at breen@k-state.edu or (785) 532-0365.

How to Apply

Admission Information and Important Forms

Application Deadlines M.A. and Ph.D.:

December 1 to be considered for Graduate Teaching Assistantship funding for following year
January 8 International
March 1 Domestic

August 1 International
October 15  Domestic
Please note: Application forms and all other required documents must be received by the appropriate deadline.

History Department Graduate Handbook (PDF)

Guide for MA and PhD Degrees