Academic success

Helping you succeed

Life as a graduate student is an intellectually thrilling experience. We want to make your time at K-State as rewarding as possible by providing resources and services to help ensure your academic achievement.

Academic support services

Meet your Graduate School degree specialist

You don't have to navigate the graduate experience alone! Throughout your graduate career, a degree specialist in the Graduate School will oversee your degree progress, process required forms, and will be available to answer your questions and help you have a successful graduate experience. For help, contact the degree specialist for your academic college or program:


Angie Pfizenmaier
Lead Degree Analyst for:
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine

Degree Analyst for:
College of Education
College of Health and Human Sciences

For questions, please contact

Kyli Cass

Kyli Cass
Degree Analyst for:
College of Agriculture
College of Architecture, Planning and Design
College of Business Administration
Carl R. Ice College of Engineering
Masters of Technology
Masters of Public Administration
Masters of Public Health
Masters of Fine Art