Graduate School Team

Our office is open and staffed Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm (excluding holidays).


These team members provide leadership and oversee Graduate School operations.

Claudia Petrescu

Claudia Petrescu
Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School


Phillip D. Payne

Associate Dean

Dr. Young

Michael Young

Graduate Faculty Associate


Megan Miller
Assistant Director of Student Success


Our admissions team works in partnership with academic programs to process application materials and formally admit applicants based on program recommendations.


Joe Horan
Graduate Admissions Coordinator


Teresa Baughman
International Admissions Specialist


Julie Eisenhut
Domestic Admissions Specialist

Jeffery Zhu

Jeffery Zhu
Admissions Specialist

Degree Analysts

Graduate School degree analysts work with graduate students and graduate faculty from the beginning of the students’ graduate programs until graduation to support their progress from one milestone to the next. They are responsible for the processing of all graduate students forms impacting the students’ academic life cycle.


Angie Pfizenmaier
Lead Degree Analyst for:
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
PhD in Leadership Communication

kyli cass

Kyli Cass
Degree Analyst for:
College of Education
College of Health and Human Sciences


Brenda Nowakowski
Degree analyst for:

College of Agriculture
College of Architecture, Planning and Design
College of Business Administration
Carl R. Ice College of Engineering
College of Technology and Aviation (Salina)
Masters of Public Administration
Masters of Public Health
Masters of Fine Art

Support Staff

Graduate School support staff provide support for Graduate School operations, student enrollment and academic records, programming and services for student success, and administrative support for Graduate Council and graduate faculty.

miranda schremmer

Miranda Schremmer
Executive Assistant


Scott Schlender
Academic Services Coordinator

Taylor Alicia Witt
Communications Specialist


Timon Smock
Office Specialist III


Bridget Rainey
Ft. Leavenworth Program Coordinator

Student Staff

Graduate and undergraduate student staff provide valuable support to Graduate School operations, programming, and services.

Darin Volwiler

Darin Volwiler
Graduate Assistant

Sai Surya

Sai Surya Ravipati
Graduate Assistant

brooklynn zoeller

Brooklyn Zoeller
Undergraduate student worker

Bethany Rice

Bethany Rice
Undergraduate student worker