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Graduate School

Funding Opportunities with Upcoming Deadlines

KSU Genetics Doctoral Fellowship Program

Deadline:  December 15, 2014
The KSU Genetics Doctoral Fellowship Program provides students with an opportunity to experience research in up to three genetics faculty labs before choosing a Ph.D. mentor. Each fellow is supported with a graduate research assistantship 12 month stipend of $28,800 plus tuition and benefits yearly. This level of support is guaranteed to the fellows for five years as long as they continue to make progress towards their Ph.D. and maintain a 3.4 GPA.

Small Research Grants Program for Graduate Students in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Deadline:  5 p.m., January 23, 2015
The Small Grant Program supports research expenses for master's and doctoral students in their final year. Grants will be up to $1,000 for research costs with funds available after March 1, 2015.