Writing your ETDR

Pages listed below provide guidelines and details on specific aspects of writing your ETDR.

ETDR Overview

Learn the basics about submitting theses, dissertations, and reports in an electronic format at K-State.

Formatting Guidelines

Provides requirements for style, content, and formatting of your ETDR as well as procedures for graduation.


Templates are available for Word and LaTeX. You're not required to use a template, but they do offer time-saving features such as automatically generating your table of contents and lists of table and figures.

Prior Publication of A Chapter

Follow these guidelines if you have published a chapter of your thesis or dissertation as a journal article.

Personal Bound Copies of Your Thesis, Dissertation or Report

You are not required by the Graduate School to submit a bound, paper copy of your ETDR. Many students, however, are interested in obtaining a bound copy for their personal use. Students can order a bound copy online by sending the PDF of your ETDR to Thesis on Demand or to PHD Book Binding. Bound copies also may be printed through K-State's University Printing, but hard-cover binding is not available.