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Featured Authors

  • Leo Lionni by by Julie Brunker, Lisa Dalinghaus, Sandra LoBianco, Jeff Payne, Lindsey Shurtz, and Tarin Taylor (Fall 2001)
  • L. M. Montgomery by Rachel Banks, Jancy Davis, Beth Fountaine, Amy Langford, and Sara Wilken (Summer 2001)
  • Faith Ringgold by Laura Bergkamp, Stacie Broxterman, Amanda Eshelbrenner, Tandy Kessler, Mark Lange, Tivonda Wilson-Tucker (Summer 2001) Temporarily unavailable
  • J. K. Rowling by Angela Dorzweiler, Matt Heuer, Sarah Ketchum, Shannon Olivas, and Quinci Shaver (Fall 2001)
  • Shel Silverstein by Tyson Blackburn, Jennifer Kampling, Amanda Lebien, Nicole Porter, Matt Pruett, and Katie Wolf (Fall 2001)



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