English 320:  The Short Story
Spring 2005
  Lyman Baker, Instructor

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Introduction to the Short Story
This is the back-up site for our course.  The main site is at K-State Online.  Print-published materials still under copyright protection are available only at the main site (which is password protected, and restricted to students enrolled i the course).  Most importantly, only on the main site to you have access to the class message boards.  (Participation in discussion there is essential to your final course grade.)  But this backup site is where to come if K-State Online is temporarily down and you need to find a reading or writing assignment, a study-guide, or a prep-sheet for an exam. Accordingly you'll want to bookmark it, or make a note of its address --  www.ksu.edu/english/baker/english320 -- so you can find your way back to it in case of emergency.

The Course Schedule lists the due dates for all reading and writing assignments, along with the two examinations.   I have broken it into several separate web pages.  Schedule 1 covers assignments for the first couple of weeks of the course.  Schedule 2 gives assignments from then up through the Mid-Term Exam.   Schedule 3 lists assignments between the Mid-Term and the Final.  Before you print off a copy of any of these portions of the Course Schedule, make sure you have looked at the guidelines about Using the Course Schedule.

"Texts for the Course" tells you where to get the textbook required for the course.  (This semester there is only one.)

"Goals and Methods of the Course" explains what we will be up to, and why.

"Grades" tells you how grades will be determined in the course.  

Please note how important it is for your final course grade that you participate regularly in the discussions over the class message boards.  For more on this, you'll want to consult the following:

I have also compiled a List of Web Links to sites that may be of interest to you in connection with our course.  (Some of the links here are no longer current, and many more could be compiled if I had the time.  But the 5 sites linked to at the beginning are quite up-to-date and rich, for our purposes.)

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