Career Planning in English

Myth #1 English majors can't get jobs

Myth #2 English majors are only prepared to teach English

The reality is that English prepares you for a vast range of careers and the ability to change careers throughout your life. A degree in English also leads to careers with various rewards, including financial, intellectual, personal, and social rewards.

Below are strategies and resources to help you develop as a professional.

Career Planning

Use our four-year planning guide (PDF) to help you "Explore," "Build," "Review," and "Launch" your professional pathway. We recommend talking with your advisor, participating in department events and programs, and connecting with the Career Center.

Leadership and Service

Participate in student organizations and honorary societies.


Learn about past internships and apply for your own.

Undergraduate Research

Review opportunities to work with faculty on research projects.

Study Abroad

Discover opportunities to explore the world and earn academic credit.

Alumni Careers

Our undergraduate alumni pursue a wide variety of careers, including business (25%), education (20%), and more. Review information from our most recent alumni survey (PDF) and read about our alumni on our department blog.


2017 Alumni Survey Bubble Infographic