Major/Minor FAQs

Advising and Enrolling
The English Department's lead advisor assigns faculty members as advisors to its majors. Advisors assist students in preparing their enrollment schedules, in adjusting to the demands of university life, in planning for post-graduate careers, and in sharpening their skills in the discipline of English.

The Department strongly urges all majors to seek advising for early enrollment each semester. Students who enroll without advising assistance can make mistakes they will regret when graduation checks are done.

Contents: Make your Major Official | Advisor | Transfer Credit | Curriculum and Enrollment | Career Planning | Graduation

Make Your Major/Minor Official

Q: How do I make my English Major official?
A: Email and tell them your major and concentration choice, or go to Calvin 107 to fill out the paperwork.

Q: How do I declare my area of concentration (Literature, Creative Writing, Literature with Teaching Certification)?
A: Email and tell them your major and concentration choice, or go to Calvin 107 to fill out the paperwork.

Q: I want to minor in English. What are my options?
A: There are three options: Literature, Writing, and Children's and Adolescent Literature and Culture. For more information, and to apply, go to "English Minor."

Get an Advisor

Q: How do I get an advisor?
A: Email, or request an advisor in E/CS 108 (the Main Office).

Q: Can I choose my advisor?
A: Indicate your choice in the email or in person.

Get Transfer Credit

Q: I'll be in Myhometown, Kansas, this summer and would like to take a summer school course there. How do I know whether it will transfer towards a requirement here? A: Look at the University Transfer website, which lists all transferable courses from Kansas Institutions.

Q: I want to transfer credits from a non-Kansas institution. What do I do?
A: Take your transcripts to Arts and Sciences (EH 117) and follow their instructions. It's usually a good idea to have syllabi, papers, tests, and other examples of the work you did.

Curriculum and Enrollment

Q: What should I do to enroll in ENGL 310, the prerequisite for other English classes?
A: Follow the links from "Courses / Permissions," or go to the English Department main office, ECS 108 the week before enrollment begins (October and March), and request a permission slip for one of the sections.

Q: What courses fulfill the distribution requirements for a Bachelor of Arts ? (There is no Bachelor of Science in English)
A: Courses listed here in the Undergraduate Catalogue.

Q: How do I get a program grid to track my progress toward graduation?
A: Get one from the English Department main office, ECS 108 or from your advisor. You can also use KSIS to run a "DARS Report."

Q: What courses fulfill General Education Requirements?
A: Access the link from this site: General Education requirements. Ask your advisor about whether the new K-State 8 sequence is better for you.

Q: If I am unable to enroll in ENGL 310, in what courses could I enroll to make progress in my major?
A:1. take a language/linguistics course; 2. take a literature course in the 315-599 range, depending on the course description; 3. take Expository Writing 2; 4. take a Shakespeare course if you have studied Shakespeare in high school; 5. take the lower-level creative writing courses.

Q: How can I find out how English professors describe their courses for next semester?
A: Follow this link: Course descriptions. This page contains links to short descriptions of the active graduate and undergraduate course offerings from Kansas State University's Department of English.

Q: How do I enroll in courses that require permission such as English 355, "Literature for Children" ?
A: Follow this link: Enroll in Permission-Only Courses.

Q: How do I apply for an Independent Study?
A: Follow the procedure outlined here.

Career Planning

Q: How can I locate off-campus internships?
A: Talk with your family and friends; work with Professor Han Yu, Internship Coordinator for English and the K-State Career Center.

Q: In addition to asking my advisor, how can I find out about career opportunities for English majors?
Contact K-State Career Center, 148 Berney Family Welcome Center (Alumni Center), 705 N. 17th St., Manhattan, KS 66506.


Q: How do I perform a "Grad Check" to make sure I don't have any surprises when I apply for graduation?
A: In the semester before the semester you plan to graduate (that is, if you plan to graduate in May, the Fall semester; if you plan to graduate in August or December, the Spring semester),
1) Meet with your regular advisor to determine the schedule for your final semester.
2) Submit a current DARS report and a copy of your completed curriculum guide to Lead Advisor Professor Carol Franko, English Department Mailroom, ECS 119 (red label).
3) Note any exceptions or anomalies in your curriculum (i.e., if you take an unusual linguistics course to meet the language requirement).
Professor Franko will notify you and your advisor when the check is completed, and return the DARS Report, the Curriculum Guide, and the assessment to your advisor.

Q: How do I apply for graduation?
A: Apply for graduation through your Student Center account on KSIS. Follow the instructions here.