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English Language Program

PDPI - Programa de Desenvolvimento Profissional para Professores de Lingua Inglesa nos EUA

Welcome! Congratulations on your selection to this program! We feel honored that the ELP and Kansas State University have been selected to host you. We are excited to have you as a participant in our courses. 

During your time in this six-week program, you will participate in classes and other activities to enhance your English communication skills and to learn about U.S. history and culture. 

You will also experience American culture first-hand in a friendly and welcoming environment. Program faculty and staff are waiting to welcome you!


Information about Kansas State University and Manhattan, Kansas:

Housing and Food:

During your time in Manhattan, you will be living in a university residence hall with your colleagues and other K-State students from the U.S. and around the world.

You will eat most of your meals in a Dining Center on campus.

Program Information:

Local Transportation:

Transportation will be provided from the Kansas City airport upon your arrival and for all Program events. Other local transportation options include:

Program Coordinator:

For any questions regarding the program, contact:

Wendy Matthews, MS
Assistant Director
Office of International Programs
Special Programs/Sponsored Students
213 Fairchild Hall
1601 Vattier Street
Manhattan, KS 66506

Phone: 785-532-7229
Email:  sponsintl@ksu.edu

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