Health and Safety


Vaccination Policies and Recommendations

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has made the following immunization recommendations for young adults.

Drug and Alcohol Education Service

The major purpose of the program is to provide information on the physical effects and social issues related to alcohol and other drug use. A variety of programming options are available to KSU students, faculty, and staff. The KSU Alcohol and Other Drug Education Service is also available for information, consultation, and assistance at your request.

Alcohol, Drug and Other Policies

Any student or employee of the University found to be using, possessing, manufacturing, or distributing controlled substances or alcohol in violation of the law on University property or at University events will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with applicable policies of the State of Kansas, the Board of Regents, and Kansas State University. Disciplinary action includes, but is not limited to, suspension of termination of student financial aid, expulsion, termination of employment, referral for prosecution and the completion of an appropriate substance abuse rehabilitation program.

Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

All institutions of higher education receiving any form of federal funding must comply with The Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations Act (EDGAR Part 86). This act outlines several requirements, including the production of a biennial review as well as an annual notification to students and employees. The notification and biennial review are available on the linked webpage.

State of Kansas Substance Abuse Policy

The State of Kansas is therefore committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workforce free from the influence of substance abuse.

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

The university's policy regarding alcoholic beverages on campus.

Smoking Policy

The university's policy regarding smoking on campus.

University Weapons Policy

This link contains the Board of Regents Kansas State University policy prohibiting the possession or use of firearms, explosives, or other weapons on any University campus.


K-State Emergency Guide

This guide contains information on how to handle general and specific K-State threats and emergencies.

Emergency Operations Plan

The emergency operations plan is to be utilized in the event of an emergency or disaster on the Manhattan campus.

Campus Security and Fire Safety Reports

This annual report contains fire safety policy, prevention, and emergency response information.

  • Campus Crime Log
    This link contains the archive of regular activity logs of the K-State Police Department.
  • Campus Fire Log
    This log contains the nature, date, time and general location of fires that occur in campus K-State campus housing facilities.

Emergency Notification

Kansas State University's emergency notification system gives campus authorities the ability to communicate emergency information quickly to the university community.

Timely Warning Reports

Page 30 of the campus security report  states under what conditions and by what means timely reports of murder and other serious crimes must be made to the campus community.

Missing Student Notification

States under what constitutes a missing person, under what circumstances, within what time-frame and to whom missing person information must be reported.

Registered Sex Offender

Kansas Bureau of Investigation Registered Sex Offender website and states the campus address of student or employees who are registered sex offenders.

Information for Crime Victims about Disciplinary Proceedings

Resolution of Student Code of Conduct Complaints

Article V, Section 7 of the K-State Student Governing Association By-Laws (page 30) states that complainants will be notified of the outcome of complaints alleging violations of the K-State SGA Code of Student Conduct.

Policy and Procedure for Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Violence Complaints

Kansas State University maintains academic, housing, and work environments that are free of discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment and sexual violence), and retaliation. This link provides information for reporting and resolving complaints alleging discrimination, harassment or sexual violence. The reporting and responding parties are notified of results of an investigation made under this policy