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Absence Verification

Missing Student Policy and Procedure

This notification policy and procedures apply only to students who reside in campus housing (“resident students”). This includes residence halls or apartments that are owned or controlled by Kansas State University and that are designated for student use. Although this policy does not apply to students who live in off-campus housing, University staff and campus police will assist local authorities in their investigation of an off-campus missing Kansas State student. However, if a member of the University community has reason to believe that any student is missing and makes a report, efforts will be made to locate the student to determine his or her state of health and well-being.

Initial concerns about a missing student should be referred immediately to the K-State Police Department (“campus police”) at 108 Edwards Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506, 785-532-6412.  Efforts to locate the student will be directed by the campus police in collaboration with the Office of Student Life, Housing and Dining Services, local authorities and friends and family members of the missing student.

The campus police will conduct a formal investigation which may include any or all of the following steps:

  • Contact the student via e-mail or phone.
  • Conduct a welfare check at the student’s room.
  • Contact roommates, floor mates, known friends, family, faculty members, or advisors to seek information on last sighting or additional contact information.
  • Examine the student’s social networking account(s).
  • Examine the student’s room or apartment, including computer or phone usage.
  • Review the student’s recent use of his/her ID card.
  • Review the student’s recent activity on campus.
  • Contact employers and associates, if known.
  • Contact the student’s professors to ascertain the student’s recent attendance in class.
  • If the student has a vehicle, the campus police will contact parking services who will attempt to locate the vehicle.
  • Search campus locations to find the student and utilize the student’s ID picture for assistance in obtaining pertinent information.
  • Report of missing person shall be entered into the National Crime Information Center database.
  • Make information about missing persons available to all law enforcement agencies.
  • Utilize other investigative measures as determined by campus police/law enforcement officials.

If the student has been missing for more than 24 hours, the campus police, in collaboration with the Dean of Students or designee, will notify the confidential contact person identified by the missing student within 24 hours after such determination that the student is missing.  If a resident student has been missing for more than 24 hours and that resident student is unemancipated and under 18 years of age, then that student’s custodial parent or legal guardian will also be notified within 24 hours.

Official Notification Procedures

Notification of the missing student procedures to be provided to resident student:

  • All resident students may designate a confidential contact person to be notified no later than 24 hours after the student is determined to have been missing for 24 hours. Students may identify this contact using the Confidential Contact Form available at their residence’s front desk or from their building’s Resident Life Coordinator. Completed forms will be maintained in the RLC’s office.  The confidential contact information provided by the student will be accessible only to authorized campus personnel, including law enforcement officials in connection with a missing person investigation. If the student does not register a confidential contact person, then the student’s designated emergency contact person(s) shall be contacted.
  • All unemancipated resident students under 18 years of age, in the event that they are determined to be missing, will have their custodial parent or legal guardian notified within 24 hours, in addition to notification of the confidential contact person designated by the student.