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College of Veterinary Medicine Core Facilities

Faculty Scientists

Dr Eduard Akhunov
Plant Pathology – Studies molecular genomics and genetics of plant-pathogen interaction.

Dr Santoch Aryal
Chemistry - Studies synthesis, characterization, and biomedical application of nanomedicine in therapy and diagnosis of cancer.

Dr Guihua Bai
Agronomy - Studies gene interactions between wheat plant and wheat pathogens.

Dr Jianfa Bai
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology – Studies molecular assays for animal and foodborne pathogen identification, quantification and characterization.

Dr Bradley Behnke 
Kinesiology - Studies how systemic interventions modify the tumor microenvironment to enhance treatment outcomes.

Dr Frank Blecha
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies host-pathogen interactions with particular emphasis on host defense peptides and interferons.

Dr Alice Boyle
Division of Biology – Studies consequences of climate variation for grassland and tropical birds at individual, population, and community levels.

Dr Mary Cain
Psychological Sciences - Studies how the post-weaning rearing environment alters neuronal structure and function in adulthood. 

Dr Stephen K Chapes
Division of Biology - Studies macrophages, B cells and other white blood cells during infectious and chronic diseases and during space flight.

Dr Ming Shun Chen
Entomology - Studies plant - insect interactions.

Dr Seong-O Choi
Anatomy & Physiology – Develops micro- and nanoscale devices for biomedical applications and evaluates their functionality in living systems.

Dr Rollie J Clem
Division of Biology - Studies arbovirus infection in mosquitoes and the role of apoptosis in antiviral defense.

Dr Steven Copp
Kinesiology - Studies reflex autonomic control of blood pressure during physical stress such as exercise.

Dr Sally Davis
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology – Studies host-pathogen interactions for infectious agents including influenza A, Pneumocystis and Rift Valley fever virus.

Dr Timothy P Durrett
Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics – Studies the mechanism controlling substrate specificity in membrane-bound acyltransferases.

Dr Sherry D Fleming
Division of Biology - Studies the role of the innate immune response in tissue damage due to heart attack, surgery and autoimmune disease.

Dr Peying Fong 
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies how transporters organize and communicate within functional complexes in epithelia using cellular and molecular methods.

Dr Roman Ganta
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology - Studies Ehrlichia species and other vector-borne pathogens in defining the pathogenesis and host-pathogen interactions at the cellular and molecular level.

Dr Revathi Govind
Division of Biology - Studies pathogenic mechanisms of the anaerobic bacterial pathogen, Clostridium difficile. 

Dr Philip R. Hardwidge
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology - studies how bacteria interact with intestinal epithelial cells.

Dr SV Krishna Jagadish 
Agronomy - Studies mechanisms inducing abiotic (heat, water-deficit and chilling) stress resilience in field crops.

Dr Michael Kanost
Studies biochemistry of innate immune responses in insects.

Dr Phillip Klebba
Studies active transport, parthenogenesis and membrane transport in bacteria.

Dr Meena Kumari
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies RNA-protein interactions and role of RNA binding proteins in mRNA stability in neurons.

Dr Ping Li
Studies biologically important enzymes/proteins.

Dr Christopher R. Little
Plant Pathology - Studies fungal diseases and plant-microbe interactions of sorghum and soybean crops.

Dr Wenjun Ma
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology - virus and host interactions focusing on zoonotic pathogens such as influenza and Rift Valley fever viruses.

Dr Laman Mamedova
Animal Sciences and Industry - studies metabolic physiology and pharmacology in cell culture level and applied to dairy cattle nutrition.

Dr Jocelyn McDonald
Division of Biology -  Studies the genetic control of cell migration in development and cancer, primarily using the model organism Drosophila melanogaster

Dr Kristin Michel
Division of Biology – Studies insect immunity and vector-pathogen interactions.

Dr Nancy A Monteiro-Riviere
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies biological interactions of nanomaterials that influence the toxicity and cellular uptake in cells and tissues. 

Dr Jesse Nippert
Division of Biology - Studies anatomical and physiological mechanisms of drought tolerance in grassland plant species.

Dr Thomas Mueller
Division of Biology - Examines the function and connectivity of the emotional brain in zebrafish.

Dr Salete Newton
Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics - Studies how iron compounds are transported through the cell wall in Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria.

Dr Bradley Olsen
Studies molecular and ecological basis of multicellular evolution.

Dr. Raymond “Bob” Rowland
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology - Studies swine viruses with particular emphasis on the interactions between cells and viral proteins.

Dr Kathrin Schrick
Division of Biology - Studies growth and development in plants focusing on lipid metabolites as membrane components and as signaling molecules.

Dr Bruce D Schultz
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies electrolyte movement in epithelia with a focus on cystic fibrosis and the human male reproductive tract.

Dr Stephanie R. Shames
Division of Biology - Studies mechanisms of innate immune activation and host-pathogen interactions using bacteria of the genus Legionella.

Dr Jishu Shi
Anatomy and Physiology - Studies novel animal vaccine adjuvants and strategies for vaccines targeting porcine reproductive & respiratory syndrome virus and classical swine fever virus. 

Dr Yong-Cheng Shi
Grain Science and Industry - Studies structure, functional properties, and digestibility of starches in cereal grains, and interactions between protein, lipid and starch.

Dr Kristopher Silver
Entomology - Studies molecular mechanisms of insect toxicology.

Dr Nora Springer
Studies the role of extracellular matrix remodeling in cancer development and metastasis.

Xiuzhi Susan Sun
Grain Science and Industry - Studies synthesis, structure, functional properties of biomaterials for environmental and biomedical applications and specialized in bio-adhesives bio-resins, bio-inks, and hydrogels.

Dr Masaaki Tamura
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies cancer cell-targeted nanoparticle-based gene therapy, stem cell and diet-based alternative medicine for cancer therapy.

Dr Michael Veeman
Division of Biology - Studies the mechanisms of morphogenesis using in toto imaging and functional genomics approaches in the simple chordate Ciona.

Dr Nicholas Wallace
Division of Biology - Studies the manipulation of cell signaling and DNA damage repair by oncogenic viruses.

Dr Mark L Weiss
Anatomy and Physiology - Studies growth and differentiation of mesenchymal stromal cells, embryonic stem cells and induce pluripotent stem cells.

Dr. Lisa Wilken
Biological and Agricultural Engineering – Studies biological-based cell lysis and extraction methods for recovery and fractionation of protein, lipids, and starch from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

Dr Zhilong Yang
Division of Biology - Studies poxvirus replication and host cell interactions.

Dr Yuntao Zhang
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies on protein chemistry of the important human and animal vector-borne infectious diseases such as Ehrlichia and Anaplasma.  

Dr Anna Zolkiewska
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics - Studies molecular and cellular interactions within the breast tumor microenvironment.

Dr Michal Zolkiewski
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics - Studies protein structure and function and cellular protein quality control.