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College of Veterinary Medicine Core Facilities

Faculty Scientists

Dr Eduard Akhunov
Plant Pathology – Studies molecular genomics and genetics of plant-pathogen interaction.

Dr Santoch Aryal
Chemistry - Studies synthesis, characterization, and biomedical application of nanomedicine in therapy and diagnosis of cancer.

Dr Guihua Bai
Agronomy - Studies gene interactions between wheat plant and wheat pathogens.

Dr Jianfa Bai
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology – Studies molecular assays for animal and foodborne pathogen identification, quantification and characterization.

Dr Bradley Behnke 
Kinesiology - Studies how systemic interventions modify the tumor microenvironment to enhance treatment outcomes.

Dr Frank Blecha
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies host-pathogen interactions with particular emphasis on host defense peptides and interferons.

Dr Barry Bradford
Animal Sciences and Industry - Studies the impact of bioactive nutrients on metabolic function, immunity, and lactation, primarily in cattle.

Dr Mary Cain
Psychological Sciences - Studies how the post-weaning rearing environment alters neuronal structure and function in adulthood. 

Dr Stephen K Chapes
Division of Biology - Studies macrophages, B cells and other white blood cells during infectious and chronic diseases and during space flight.

Dr Ming Shun Chen
Entomology - Studies plant - insect interactions.

Dr Seong-O Choi
Anatomy & Physiology – Develops micro- and nanoscale devices for biomedical applications and evaluates their functionality in living systems.

Dr Rollie J Clem
Division of Biology - Studies arbovirus infection in mosquitoes and the role of apoptosis in antiviral defense.

Dr Duane Davis
Animal Sciences & Industry - Studies pregnancy in pigs and stem cell biology.

Dr Sally Davis
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology – Studies host-pathogen interactions for infectious agents including influenza A, Pneumocystis and Rift Valley fever virus.

Dr Timothy P Durrett
Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics – Studies the mechanism controlling substrate specificity in membrane-bound acyltransferases.

Dr Ying Fang
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology – molecular pathogenic mechanism of plus strain RNA viruses with a research area focusing on interaction of virus and host cellular factors.

Dr Sherry D Fleming
Division of Biology - Studies the role of the innate immune response in tissue damage due to heart attack, surgery and autoimmune disease.

Dr Peying Fong 
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies how transporters organize and communicate within functional complexes in epithelia using cellular and molecular methods.

Dr Roman Ganta
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology - Studies Ehrlichia species and other vector-borne pathogens in defining the pathogenesis and host-pathogen interactions at the cellular and molecular level.

Dr Revathi Govind
Division of Biology - Studies pathogenic mechanisms of the anaerobic bacterial pathogen, Clostridium difficile. 

Dr Philip R. Hardwidge
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology - studies how bacteria interact with intestinal epithelial cells.

Dr SV Krishna Jagadish 
Agronomy - Studies mechanisms inducing abiotic (heat, water-deficit and chilling) stress resilience in field crops.

Dr Meena Kumari
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies RNA-protein interactions and role of RNA binding proteins in mRNA stability in neurons.

Dr Stella Lee
Division of Biology - Studies intracellular protein/membrane trafficking and autophagy-lysosome pathway.

Dr James Lillich
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies the effects of NSAIDs on wound healing, using intestinal epithelia as the model tissue, to improve NSAID safety.

Dr Christopher R. Little
Plant Pathology - Studies fungal diseases and plant-microbe interactions of sorghum and soybean crops.

Dr Wenjun Ma
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology - virus and host interactions focusing on zoonotic pathogens such as influenza and Rift Valley fever viruses.

Dr Laman Mamedova
Animal Sciences and Industry - studies metabolic physiology and pharmacology in cell culture level and applied to dairy cattle nutrition.

Dr Daniel C Marcus
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies ion transport in inner ear epithelia from single channels to organ function as a basis for understanding hearing and balance.

Dr Jocelyn McDonald
Division of Biology -  Studies the genetic control of cell migration in development and cancer, primarily using the model organism Drosophila melanogaster

Dr Kristin Michel
Division of Biology – Studies insect immunity and vector-pathogen interactions.

Dr Nancy A Monteiro-Riviere
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies biological interactions of nanomaterials that influence the toxicity and cellular uptake in cells and tissues. 

Dr Jesse Nippert
Division of Biology - Studies anatomical and physiological mechanisms of drought tolerance in grassland plant species.

Dr Thomas Mueller
Division of Biology - Examines the function and connectivity of the emotional brain in zebrafish.

Dr Subbaratnam Muthukrishnan
Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics - Studies biochemistry of enzymes and genes involved in chitin metabolism and targets them for insect control.

Dr Salete Newton
Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics - Studies how iron compounds are transported through the cell wall in Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria.

Dr Thu Annelise Nguyen
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology - Studies structure and function of gap junctional intercellular communication of epithelial cancer cells.

Dr Fernando Pierucci-Alves
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies how immunotolerance to sperm is established in the male excurrent system.

Dr Jeroen Roelofs
Division of Biology - Studies assembly and regulation of the proteasome and autophagic degradation of proteasomes.

Dr. Raymond “Bob” Rowland
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology - Studies swine viruses with particular emphasis on the interactions between cells and viral proteins.

Dr Kathrin Schrick
Division of Biology - Studies growth and development in plants focusing on lipid metabolites as membrane components and as signaling molecules.

Dr Bruce D Schultz
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies electrolyte movement in epithelia with a focus on cystic fibrosis and the human male reproductive tract.

Dr Stephanie R. Shames
Division of Biology - Studies mechanisms of innate immune activation and host-pathogen interactions using bacteria of the genus Legionella.

Dr Jishu Shi
Anatomy and Physiology - Studies novel animal vaccine adjuvants and strategies for vaccines targeting porcine reproductive & respiratory syndrome virus and classical swine fever virus. 

Dr Yong-Cheng Shi
Grain Science and Industry - Studies structure, functional properties, and digestibility of starches in cereal grains, and interactions between protein, lipid and starch.

Dr Kristopher Silver
Entomology - Studies molecular mechanisms of insect toxicology.

Dr Masaaki Tamura
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies cancer cell-targeted nanoparticle-based gene therapy, stem cell and diet-based alternative medicine for cancer therapy.

Dr Deryl Troyer
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies cancer detection and development of cell-based delivery of therapeutic payloads to tumors.

Dr Michael Veeman
Division of Biology - Studies the mechanisms of morphogenesis using in toto imaging and functional genomics approaches in the simple chordate Ciona.

Dr Nicholas Wallace
Division of Biology - Studies the manipulation of cell signaling and DNA damage repair by oncogenic viruses.

Dr Philine Wangemann
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies mouse models of human deafness with a focus on fluid transport, enlarged vestibular aqueduct and Pendred syndrome.

Dr Mark L Weiss
Anatomy and Physiology - Studies growth and differentiation of mesenchymal stromal cells, embryonic stem cells and induce pluripotent stem cells.

Dr Frank White
Plant Pathology - Studies microbe/plant interactions.

Dr. Lisa Wilken
Biological and Agricultural Engineering – Studies biological-based cell lysis and extraction methods for recovery and fractionation of protein, lipids, and starch from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

Dr Yulan Xiong
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies the mechanisms underlying aging and neurodegenerative diseases, with specific emphasis on Parkinson’s disease.

Dr Zhilong Yang
Division of Biology - Studies poxvirus replication and host cell interactions.

Dr Jianzhong Yu
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies molecular mechanisms underlying organ size control and tumorigenesis.

Dr Weiping Zhang
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology - Studies of molecular pathogenesis of enteric diseases and disease prevention strategies.

Dr Yuntao Zhang
Anatomy & Physiology - Studies on protein chemistry of the important human and animal vector-borne infectious diseases such as Ehrlichia and Anaplasma.  

Dr Anna Zolkiewska
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics - Studies molecular and cellular interactions within the breast tumor microenvironment.