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Michel Lab

Michel Lab

Mailing Address
Kansas State University
Division of Biology
267 Chalmers Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

office +1-785-532-0161
lab +1-785-532-0183
insectary +1-785-532-5837



Welcome to the Michel Laboratory

Our laboratory studies host-pathogen interactions important for mosquito-borne disease transmission.

Specifically, we study the immune system of mosquitoes and how it relates to the pathogens these insects transmit. Our efforts are focused in two major research areas.

The first is understanding the protease network that regulates innate immune responses. This network allows the mosquito's immune system to  fend off potentially harmful microorganisms without becoming overzealous.

The second is to understand the interactions of mosquitoes and fungi ranging from food source to mortal enemy. We study how these encounters shape the mosquito's immune system and physiology.

To do our work, we use techniques from fields such as bioinformatics, biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, and ecology. Our long term goal is to apply our findings to the improvement of vector control strategies.

The mosquito's immune system
A brief overview of the innate immune system in mosquitoes.

Learn more about these fascinating proteins and how they affect parasite development in the mosquito vector.

Circulatory cells in insects and their function in mosquito immunity.