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K-State Internships Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How will I benefit by taking LEAD 399 - Internships for Career Development?

A: You will receive a structured learning experience, university support and academic credit for your internship or co-op experience. This course is particularly designed for undergraduate students who do not have a credit-bearing internship course available through their academic department or college.

Q: When can I enroll in LEAD 399 – Internships for Career Development?

A: The internship course is available fall and spring semesters for students who have completed at least 12 credit hours at K-State. Enrollment is by permission only. Please complete the request for permission to enroll in LEAD 399.

Q: If I accept a multiple term work assignment which includes a summer term, when do I enroll for LEAD 399 – Internships for Career Development?

A: You should enroll to take the course during Spring term of a Spring/Summer experience and for a Summer/Fall experience you should enroll during the Fall term.

Q: Where will I live while working?

A: Many employers try to pair up students to help share housing expenses, some help you find appropriate housing, and some may give you a housing allowance or provide housing. You should find out specifically from the employer what housing opportunities are available.

Q: Do I have to work for the employer when I finish my experience?

A: No. You are under no obligation to work for the company after your internship. However, if the experience is positive, the employer may offer you a full-time position upon completion of your internship.

Q: I interviewed for an engineering co-op. Can they make me do two work assignments?

A: With the salary that accompanies these assignments, some companies ask that you participate in two work experiences if you accept their offer. This is usually done in two alternating semester with possible summer employment.

Financial Aid/Scholarships/Services

Q: I will be participating in an internship. Can I use Lafene Health Center for medical needs?

A: If you are enrolled in an internship course, during a regular Fall or Spring semester, you may use Lafene Health Center by paying a student fee. Contact Lafene's business office before seeking treatment. This same fee allows you to use Recreational Services.

Q: I will be in the Manhattan area during my internship and would like to use Recreational Services. Am I allowed to do this?

A: If you are enrolled in an internship course, during a regular Fall or Spring semester, you will be able to access Recreational Services by simply paying student fees for the semester. This same fee will allow you to utilize Lafene Health Center.

Q: Can I still use my K-State email account during my internship?

A: Yes. If you are enrolled in an internship course, your K-State email account will remain live and active with continued student status.

Q: What happens to my student loans while I am on an internship? Do my loans become due?

A: If you have a loan, you typically have a 6 month grace period. It is always a good idea to contact Financial Assistance (785-532-6420) if you have concerns or are contacted by your loan company.

Q. I have received scholarships. What happens to them if I participate in an internship?

A. Contact the scholarship donor directly or Financial Assistance (785-532-6420) prior to doing your internship/co-op. CES can write a letter confirming your internship, if enrolled in LEAD 399; however, it is up to your donor as to whether they choose to award the scholarship or have it deferred.

Academic Credit

Q. How do I get academic credit for my internship/co-op experience?

A. Academic credit is available by enrolling in LEAD 399 – Internships for Career Development or a departmental course (PDF). Successful completion of LEAD 399's core course will earn one hour of academic credit. Academic credit hours for a departmental course can vary as approved by those departments.

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