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Career Center

Internship/Co-Op/Summer Job Websites

Comprehensive Sites

  • Job Sites by Career Field - Review websites, directories, professional organizations job boards, etc. by career field or academic major.
  • Job-Hunt.org - Entry level, internship, and seasonal job list.
  • IP Internship Programs - Very good! Organized by career fields and region.
  • Intern Web.com - Search by industry and type of job.
  • EntryPoint.org - Internship opportunities for students with disabilities
  • Goinglobal - Internships by career interest. Login to your Handshake account then click on the Resources Section to find information on Goinglobal.
  • Internships-USA - Over 3,000 organizations offering internships, organized in 12 publications.
    • Login: KState
    • Password: Wildcats
  • KC Hire - Kansas City's clearinghouse of internships and part-time/seasonal jobs for young people.

Majors or Career Field


  • Inroads, Inc.- company connects multicultural students with internship opportunities


Camps, Parks & Resorts


Communications & Humanities




Human Services & Non-Profit


  • Semester at Sea - University courses taught on board a ship while traveling throughout the world.


Recreation Sports
  • Wellness Connection - Find Health & Fitness Internships at PHFR.com or click on link in lower right-hand corner.




  • IAESTE - International Association for Exchange of Students for Technical Experience.
  • NASA Research & Development - Opportunities for coop programs and summer research.
  • National Science Foundation - Research experiences for undergraduates. Program includes all fields of science, mathematics and engineering.
  • Research Labs with the US from Yahoo. Look for links to employment/student programs. Includes Argonne, NREL, Oakridge, Sandia Labs.
  • Tech-Interns.com - Good resource for internships & research opportunities in science and engineering.
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