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Find and Succeed in an Internship or Co-Op

The internship/co-op search is similar to a full-time job search. Take advantage of the training and advising the Career Center can offer you in this process. Below are some suggested steps to follow:

1. Prepare Your Resume

Your resume is typically the first reflection of you an employer sees, so it should be well written and error free. The Career Center can help you build a strong resume. See Write a Resume to find out how.

2. Explore the Job Market

The "Visible Market"

The Visible Job Market includes employers that are actively recruiting employees. They may use a variety of sources to advertise positions, which may include:

The "Hidden Market"

The Hidden Job Market includes all employers with the potential to hire you. They may not currently have positions advertised where you can see them, but are still prospective employers you should pursue. Your Career Center Advisor is a great resource to help you. Make an appointment with your Career Center Advisor or explore the Hidden Market with online additional tools.

3. Network, Network, Network!

Talk to your faculty, family, friends, and neighbors and tell them what you are seeking. People can only help you if they know what you want. You may even want to pass around your resume to some of these people so they can give it to their friends and colleagues.

4. Make Contact

You may need to write a cover letter, apply online, or pick up the phone to begin your application process. Make sure each application you make is professional and well-prepared. Your Career Center Advisor can assist you in connecting with employers in your field of study.

5. Explore Academic Credit Options

6. Succeeding in an Internship

Getting your foot in the door by landing the internship or co-op is only half of the challenge in turning your career dreams into a reality. The more vital half is to build a reputation during this career experience that will culminate in receiving a full-time job offer. Here are 10 tips to becoming a savvy intern.

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