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American Ethnic Studies

American Ethnic Studies is the interdisciplinary study of the historical, political, social, and cultural realities that have shaped the development of America's diverse ethnic populations. In the program, students develop skills in critical thinking, comparative analysis, social theory, data analysis, and communication. Emphasis is placed on equipping students with marketable, transferable skills that translate into living and working in a diverse world. American Ethnic Studies knowledge plays an important role in building a truly inclusive multicultural democracy. With the appropriate additional training, students in American Ethnic Studies will be well prepared to competitively pursue careers in education, law, medicine, public health, public relations, journalism, politics, social work, business, counseling, and more.

Related career titles

City and Urban Planning
College and University Professor*
Community Development
Director and Producer

Educational Policy*
Human Resource Manager
Marketing Manager
Multimedia Artist/Animator
Museum Curator
Nonprofit Manager
Policy Analyst*
Public Health Educator
Public Relations Specialist
Social and Community Service Manager
Youth Programmer

*Additional training needed for these occupations.

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*Books are available for checkout.

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