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American Ethnic Studies

Maria Vallejo, teaching assistant professor has been awarded the Outstanding Dissertation Award from the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at El Paso. Her dissertation is titled "On the Rio Grande: A Struggle for Land and Citizenship in San Vicente del Llano Grande, 1749-1930." Dr. Vallejo is working to publish articles and also reworking her dissertation for publication as a book. https://www.k-state.edu/today/announcement/?id=78636


richie garrettAMETH senior, Richie Garrett, is the recipient of the 2021 Rohrer Scholarship.



American Ethnic Studies
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Get ready for Spring AMETHERS.  Our Spring 2022 schedule of courses is out.  Check out our new posters around Leasure and other buildings to see what's offered. AMETH offers a major, minor and certificate program.  Ask us about them and how you can add or switch to be one of our amazing students.  Here's to an amazing, exciting and mindful year! 

AMETH Major = 33 Credits

AMETH Minor = 15 Credits
AMETH Intercultural Competence Certificate = 12 Credits

K State's American Ethnic Studies is the only degree program of this kind in the state of Kansas. Within this era of major demographic transformation, we are seeing an increased demand for American ethnic studies programs. American Ethnic Studies courses prepare students to function productively in today's multicultural society. We  provide deep multidisciplinary insight into America's race relations, drawing from nearly every area of study: from all the social sciences, the humanities, the arts. Students learn how race and ethnic understandings have been shaped across history and why the subject of race is in the news headlines every day. We explore Native American, African American, Mexican/Latina/o American and Asian American historical and cultural dynamics. Employers seek college graduates with ethnic studies skills: the ability to productively harness ethnic differences; the capacity to work in multicultural teams; and respectful multicultural communication ability.