Dr. Levitt and Cheyanne Brunner

Queer studies minor

The queer studies minor helps students analyze gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and two-spirit subjects and objects. Importantly, the minor also provides them with the tools to understand queer studies theories and methods.

Students who undertake the minor will study and apply intersectional theories and methods and explore how diversities shape and are shaped by power relations, affiliations, and contestations among race, gender, ethnicity, citizenship, transnationalism, empire, colonialism, class, and ability.


The 15 credit-hour requirements for the queer studies minor are:

  • One (1) required core course: GWSS 325 Queer studies: concepts, history, politics. 3 cr.
  • Four (4) additional courses selected from among the list of approved electives. A current list of these electives can be found in the undergraduate catalog. 12 cr.