Wildcat Internships

Internships provide an incredible opportunity to gain hands-on career experience. As a K-State student, you have many options for participating in an internship. First, you will need to find an internship position. The Career Center has many ways to help you with your internship search. Once you know where you are going, there are different routes you can take for completing your internship.

K-State Student Internship Routes

Departmental Course

If your academic department or college provides an internship course, this route is for you.

Career Center Course

If your department or college does not offer an internship course, you would like academic credit and want a structured learning experience, LEAD 399 - Internships for Career Development is your route.


If you do not need or want academic credit for your internship, this route is for you. The self-guided route provides you with an independent experience, typically taking place during the summer.

You can talk with your Career Center Advisor or Academic Advisor to determine which is the best "route" for you.

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