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Registration & Cost


The workshop is limited to 20 attendees in order to achieve the best results. NAMRC (The Thirty-third Annual North American Manufacturing Research Conference, registrants will receive higher priority for attending the workshop. Other factors that might affect the selection include (1) the number of CAREER proposals that have been submitted by an applicant; and (2) whether the applicant’s next CAREER proposal will be submitted to DMII division.

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please complete the following registration form and email it to by March 30, 2005.

The workshop is free for NAMRC registrants. Workshop attendees who do not register for NAMRC will need to bring a money order of $50 (pay to the order of Columbia University). Workshop attendees are responsible for their travel and lodging expenses.

You can download the registration form in MSword format and pdf format.




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 The Thirty-Third Annual North American Manufacturing Research Conference






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National Science Foundation Division of Design, Manufacture & Industrial Innovation (DMII)

Host Institution:

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Kansas State University

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Workshop report presented at the CAREER session of the 2005 NSF Grantees Conference
March 30, 2005
Registration deadline
April 15, 2005
Selected participants receive notice
April 20, 2005
Participants receive proposals for mock review
May 20, 2005
Participants submit reviews
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