#1 for best quality of life


K-State's Division of Academic Success and Student Affairs, or DASSA, is here to help you find the resources you need to thrive as a student. From building community and fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion, to providing academic and career engagement, DASSA supports your personal and professional health, well-being, and growth.


DASSA was created in September 2023 as a part of the Next-Gen K-State Strategic Plan (pdf). DASSA ensures an impactful K-State experience by supporting the academic success and personal development of students inside and outside the classroom.

Why this approach and why now?

Historically at K-State, there has been a perceived dividing line among staff and faculty between what is organizationally considered the "academic" and "student life" aspects of the university. The result is a siloed approach to serving students, which is often incongruent with that students expect from their K-State experience. More closely aligning traditional student life areas with academic support programs and services can:

  • result in a more holistic approach to ensuring the increased retention, persistence and graduation of our students as called for in the Next-Gen K-State plan
  • better serve our students by identifying and actualizing synergies in the Division and across the university
  • help K-State achieve its retention, graduation and student equity gap reduction goals
  • better connect students to resources promoting success both in and outside the classroom
  • support students in developing the career-readiness skills that employers expect from our graduates and that are necessary to thrive throughout their life pursuits
  • provide a more integrated, seamless student experience.