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Center for Advocacy, Response and Education

Center for Advocacy, Response and Education
Kansas State University
206 Holton Hall
1101 Mid-Campus Drive N
Manhattan, KS 66506 

8:00 AM-5:00 PM


If you believe that someone is a danger to themselves or others, please use the Student of Concern referral form through the Office of Student Life.

Click here for the referral form.

Reporting Options

The Center for Advocacy, Response and Education can aid in the process of reporting sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, stalking, or harassment. Advocates at the CARE office are here to aid survivors in navigating the reporting system by explaining survivors’ rights and options. It is always the choice of the survivor whether or not to file a report with the criminal justice system or with Kansas State University.

A CARE advocate can aid in filing a report and be a source of support throughout the healing process.

To report any instance of sexual assault, dating violence, stalking or harassment that has occurred on university property or at a university sponsored event, contact the Office of Institutional Equity at (785) 532-6220 or email their office at equity@ksu.edu.

To make a report to the criminal justice system, contact your local police department.