Reporting Options

The Center for Advocacy, Response and Education can aid in the process of reporting sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, stalking, or harassment. Advocates at the CARE office are here to aid survivors in navigating the reporting system by explaining survivors’ rights and options. It is always the choice of the survivor whether or not to file a report with the criminal justice system or with Kansas State University.

A CARE advocate can aid in filing a report and be a source of support throughout the healing process.

To report any instance of sexual assault, dating violence, stalking or harassment that has occurred on university property or at a university sponsored event, contact the Office of Institutional Equity at (785) 532-6220 or email their office at


Your Option, Your Control

With the Your Option, Your Control program from Riley County Police Department, victim-survivors of sexual assault have control over choosing 1 of 3 investigation options for their case with hope of increasing reports sexual assault by eliminating as many barriers to reporting as possible.

The three options of Your Option, Your Control are:

  1. Complete Investigation: Includes all investigative steps necessary to develop a prosecutable case. A complete investigation provides police and prosecutors with the opportunity to seek justice on the victim's behalf and call the perpetrator to account.
  2. Partial Investigation: Includes only the investigative steps designated by the victim, including follow-up with a detective. A partial investigation allows the victim to have control over which steps of an investigation are taken and which are not.
  3. Information Only: Includes only information which the victim or a third-party reporter provides and entails no investigation or further contact unless initiated by the victim. An information-only report gives voice that a crime has occurred against a victim. There is no statute of limitation on rape or sodomy in the State of Kansas, so the victim can provide additional information when and if she/he is emotionally or physically ready.

For more information, please contact Riley County Police Department at (785) 537-2112 or visit their website here.