Fall 2012 Institute for Student Learning and Assessment

Thursday, October 25, 2012 | 9:00am - 3:30pm | K-State Student Union-2nd floorInstitute image

Institute Program (Full - with schedule and poster abstracts)

The Institute is designed to develop intentional and integrative strategies that strengthen student learning and exhibit student achievement. The institute curriculum emphasizes high-impact practices (research-supported active learning practices) and campus-wide strategies that are engaging to students and effective at improving achievement of learning outcomes.

Keynote Address

Investing in Quality: a context for the institute and implementation of engaged learning practices and the need to elevate the bar for the assessment of student learning outcomes. Dr. Ann Ferren, Senior Scholar with the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U).

Breakout Sessions

Engaged Student Learning: Applying High-Impact Educational Practices Panel: Farrell Webb, Keith Hohn, Kim Morgan, Chris Little, Laura Kanost, Gary Mortenson, and Cheryl Ragar.

Poster Presentations

(Available as pdf files)

A Culture of Assessment, What it is and how we achieve it: Frederick Burrack, Office of Assessment.

Ability of Practical Nursing Students to Process Numeric Information, Student Learning Outcome #5: Process Numeric, Symbolic and Graphic Information: Jane Zaccardi & Sheri Barrett, Johnson County Community College.

Building a Best Practice: The Pittsburg State University Co-Curricular Academy: Heather Eckstein & Patricia Lindley, Pittsburg State University.

Implementation of a Web-Based Interface for Reporting, Organizing, and Dissemination of Student Learning Outcomes: Steven Hawks, Office of Assessment.

Life History Calendars, A High-Impact Strategy for Learning Communities: Sharon Breiner, Mike Finnegan, Chance Lee, Irma O'Dell, and Kerry Priest, School of Leadership Studies.

Strengthening Students' Critical Thinking Skills with Research-Focused Assignments: Melissa Mallon, Wichita State University

Undergraduate Research Mentoring: Michael Herman, Anita Cortez, Dorith Rotenberg, & Ari Jumpponen, Ecological Genomics.

Assessment Awards

Awards presented by Dr. Steven Dandaneau, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies:

  • Effective use of Student Learning Assessment for Program Improvement - Department of Geography
  • Enhancing the Program's Assessment Process by Integrating Course-Embedded Assessments - Biology Program
  • Enthusiastic Support of Student Learning Outcomes and Development of Effective Assessment Processes - Academic Career and Information Center, Michelle Haupt, Director
  • For Efforts in Testing PRISM during the Pilot Implementation - Troy Harding, Saeed Khan, Matt Williamson, Julie Morse, Barney King, Don Von Bergen, Jim Goddard, Mitch Neilson, and Irma O'Dell
  • Longitudinal Reporting and Analysis of Student Learning Assessment Data - Music Education Program
  • Outstanding Faculty Involvement in Using Student Learning Assessment for Curricular Enhancement - Department of Kinesiology
  • Redesigning the Program's Assessment Plan and Assessment Measures to Facilitate a Program-Wide Assessment of Student Learning - Hotel & Restaurant Management Program
  • Redesigning the Program's Plan of Assessment Student Learning - Department of History
  • Using High-Impact Practices as a Primary Means of Student Learning Assessment - Coordinated Program in Dietetics
  • Outstanding Work in Revising and Updating the Technology Management Student Learning Assessment Plan and Reporting Process - Kaleen Knopp, Fred Guzek, and Don Von Bergen