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Records Management Topics

Managing Records

Managing Records

Lists the basic steps for beginning or improving a program to manage records, including conducting a records inventory, developing a collecting policy, and preparing a needs assessment.

Identifying Records

Identifying Records

Defines what a record is and is not. Includes information on documentation projects, records management software, and indexing.

Using Records

Using Records

Describes resources and strategies for making records more accessible internally and to members of the general public.


KSU Policies, Guidelines, and Tip Sheets

Outlines and links to best practices, KSU RM Policies, provides guidelines for data storage and email management, and tip sheets for implimentation of retention rules. 


Retention & Disposition

Provides advice for scheduling, appraising, and destroying government and non-government records, with links to schedules for counties and municipalities.


Kansas Public Records Laws

Describes components of a historical records program, including identifying, acquiring, making accessible, providing reference to, and preserving records.