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Frequently asked questions


Is it still possible to set up a campus visit?

In-person campus visits and special event attendance are not available at this time. However, we do have a virtual option for you to learn about Kansas State University and academic options. During this virtual experience, you will be able to talk directly to admissions counselors and representatives from your academic area of interest.


I was going to attend an event on campus. Are they still happening?

All in-person campus events have been canceled for the remainder of the summer. This includes Admitted Wildcat Day, Discover K-State Day, Transfer Visit Day, and ACT Workshops. Campus events will return with our first ACT Workshop on August 29th. After that point in time, on campus events will be available for students, but registration will be limited in response to social distancing requirements related to COVID-19.

How do I register for an upcoming event?

We encourage you to check out all of our upcoming events! To register, select the individual event that you are interested in.

Orientation and Enrollment

Are all incoming students required to complete online Orientation and Enrollment?

Orientation and Enrollment is required for students admitted to the summer and fall semesters. Space for each day is limited, so register early as sessions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. There are now two more orientation and enrollment dates available for the Fall 2020 term - July 10th and August 7th. Registration for each orientation session closes 5 business before the start of each session. To register click here.

How do I request accommodations for online Orientation and Enrollment?

Accommodations requests may be submitted by email to events@k-state.edu. Online videos will have captions.

Does the university still plan to host Orientation & Enrollment?

New Student Orientation and Enrollment will now be held as an exciting virtual experience! We will be providing these services for a discounted rate of $50.00. Additionally, we will be hosting an online parent orientation service free of charge.

When is Orientation and Enrollment?

New student enrollment will take place virtually throughout the month of June as well as July 10th and August 7th. We ask all incoming students to register for a date that works best for them. Orientation will take place online after you have enrolled in courses for the summer and/or fall semesters.

Does the university still plan to hold Wildcat Warm-up?

We are inviting all new students to participate in a Wildcat Warm-up experience taking place before classes start in August! The program will be hosted on campus starting on August 13th. Registration for the event will be posted soon!

How do I register for online Orientation and Enrollment?

All admitted students can register for Orientation and Enrollment online. You will need your eID and password to access the registration page. Click here to register.

Is there a cost for Orientation and Enrollment?

The discounted rate for online Orientation and Enrollment is $50.00. The payment covers access to the online orientation program, operation costs to support online learning, orientation and enrollment staffing needs, and virtual advising expereince.

Will I still be able to meet with my college academic advisor and enroll for classes during online Orientation and Enrollment?

Yes, students will be able to meet virtually via video conference or over the phone with their academic advisors to select their courses.

What digital platform will be used for the online orientation program?

The platform Comevo will be used for online Orientation. Orientation materials will be presented in a variety of formats. Students will log in to Comevo using their eID and password.

Is there an orientation program offered for parents and family members?

Parents and family members will be provided access to an online orientation through the Comevo platform at no additional cost.

Do I have to pay my tuition during my orientation session?

No, if you’re are completing your orientation this summer, payment for the fall semester will be due in August. You can learn more about the billing cycle and when payments are due by visiting our Cashiers and Student Accounts webpage.

Because orientation is online, will I have the opportunity to meet other new students?

Students participating in orientation will be able to connect with our Orientation Leaders, who are current K-State students. Students can also register for our August Wildcat Warm-up event! This program will allow students to connect with other incoming students to the university right before classes begin.

Can I switch my Orientation and Enrollment date?

If you need to change your Orientation and Enrollment date, we ask that you do so at least 3 business days before the scheduled event. To change your date please email events@k-state.edu.

Can I change my major during my Orientation and Enrollment session?

You will not be able to change your major on your Orientation and Enrollment date. If you have not yet registered, you can update your preferred major on the registration form. If you would like to change your major after completing the registration please email events@k-state.edu at least 5 business days before your scheduled Orientation and Enrollment date.

What if I do not see the date I want when I try to register?

If the date you are looking for is not displayed on the registration page, that date is full and can no longer take registrations. Orientation and Enrollment dates do not have waitlists. We encourage students to register for a date that works best for them as dates do fill up quickly.

Do I register if I’m going to Kansas State Polytechnic Campus?

Kansas State Polytechnic Campus has a separate Orientation and Enrollment program on the Polytechnic Campus. Watch your email for information about the dates and times, or email polytechnic@k-state.edu with any questions.

What if I am planning to only take classes online?

If you applied to a Manhattan campus program, but want to take a semester or two online, please let your advisor know during Orientation and Enrollment. If you want to complete an online degree, contact Global Campus via email at global@k-state.edu.

What if I don’t have a financial aid award letter?

You should have received a financial aid award letter if you applied for federal financial assistance by completing your FAFSA by December 1st. If you have not yet received your awarded letter, contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at finaid@k-state.edu to check on the status of your financial aid application.

What if I cannot attend the July or August Orientation and Enrollment dates?

Please email events@k-state.edu for us to assist you.

What if I miss my Orientation and Enrollment date?

If you miss your enrollment session, you will not be able to select and register for classes. You will need to contact events@k-state.edu to register for another open date.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my Orientation and Enrollment date?

The last day to cancel and request a full refund for an Orientation and Enrollment session will be July 6th for the July 10th event and August 3rd for the August 7th event. Any cancellations beyond these dates will not be refunded.

Will I still be able to get the classes I want if I register for a later Orientation and Enrollment session?

Seats will be reserved so that students attending each Orientation and Enrollment session have a chance to register for those classes. No matter which date you participate in, there will be classes you can register for that will fulfill your core requirements and keep you on track for graduation. Being open about your class schedule and professors will help maximize your options for courses as well.

Applying, testing, and transcripts

Can I still apply to the university?

The university is still accepting admission applications for Summer 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 terms. Students are being admitted daily! There may be slight delays in transcript processing. Visit the application page to apply!

What if I can’t take the ACT or SAT?

Kansas State follows the Qualified Admissions criteria set by the Kansas Board of Regents when admitting undergraduate students. Current Regent's criteria are test-optional since a top third class rank can be substituted for a test score. And future Regent’s criteria will allow us to accept GPA only. We can also admit 10% of students outside these criteria. If you have special circumstances, we will be as flexible as possible to help students achieve their goals of going to college. Please email apply@k-state.edu with your questions.

What if I get Pass or Credit grades in high school?

These should not impact your cumulative GPA. A cumulative GPA will be used for admission and scholarships. 

What if I transfer a Pass or Credit grade from my current college when I transfer to K-State as an undergraduate? 

Unfortunately, there is not one comprehensive answer regarding how this might impact students with transfer credit. Pass or Credit grades will be entered as credit. The goal is to not penalize students who either choose this option or whose schools move all students to a Pass or Credit grading system. For most students with general education credit, we do not believe this will create a barrier. However, some majors practice selective admission or selective advancement, some programs have accreditation or certification requirements, and some majors prepare students to apply to professional schools or graduate schools in the future. More details are needed for your personal circumstance. Personalized advice can be assessed by contacting the College of your major.
   Agriculture - Don Boggs, dboggs@k-state.edu
   Architecture, Planning and Design - Stacey Chard, schard@ksu.edu
   Arts and Sciences - Alison Wheatley or Sonya Baker, artsci@ksu.edu
   Business Administration - Tara Jackson, business@k-state.edu
   Education - Di Murphy, dim@k-state.edu
   Engineering - Craig Wanklyn or Andy Fund, engineering@k-state.edu
   Health and Human Sciences - Shawna Jordan or Mary Anne Andrews, hhs@k-state.edu
   Polytechnic - Kathy Sanders, ksand@k-state.edu

Will you accept Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate scores for credit this year?

Yes! We will not change our test credit policies. See qualifying scores and course credit awarded. 

What if I can’t send a transcript?

An unofficial transcript can be used in special circumstances. Please know an official transcript will be required at some point. Please email apply@k-state.edu with information about your questions.


Who do I contact with questions? How can I contact admissions?

Please email apply@k-state.edu or call 785-532-1521. Our phones are staffed 8-noon and 1-5 Central.