There is no cost for either the Course or for downloading the Journal. You are taking it anonymously without my involvement. If you need some type of certification of participation, contact a local professional who would be willing to supervise your involvement.

Creating the course has required an investment of my time made possible through the support of Kansas State Research and Extension at Kansas State University. Since our goal is to achieve maximum effect of our resources, we need to monitor the impact of Maybe Baby on readers like you. I need your assistance to justify my investment of time in the course if you believe it to be worthwhile.

There are two points in the course where I will ask you for your anonymous reactions to the material on a simple survey that will take only a few minutes of your time. Your comments allow us to better understand your experience in the course and to make improvements. We will also use your comments to inform our stakeholders about the impact of resources we have used to create the course.

These surveys are brief and your response would be appreciated. If you care about fathers and see room for improvement in the course let me know. If the course made a difference for you in some way let me know that as well.