Your commitment
Unlike other educational resources, this conversational format does not allow for a rapid scan of the material. Participation in the course is more leisurely. Be prepared to take your time and think carefully; complete the Journal entries, and bookmark the course as you proceed. There is too much material and activity here to read at one sitting. If you have any comments about this course or its format, I would love to hear from you.

The course material is only a starting point, though. The real impact is due to your investment of time and effort. Your success depends more on what you what you do with the resource than the resource alone.

My goal here is to nurture insight not lecture you with facts and theory or encourage a speedy journey through the course. Solid information is useful of course, but insight is only possible by taking the time to reflect. Insight is the result of the work you do to reflect and apply knowledge to your experience. Your Journal gives you that opportunity.

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Journal 1 What I hope to accomplish

If you haven’t downloaded the Journal, you can do it here (opens a new browser window).