About the author
I have a Ph.D. in child development and family studies from Purdue University. I am a former play therapist in a hospital for children, preschool teacher, and Child Development Center director at Texas Tech University. For the last thirty years I have served as a Professor and state specialist in parenting and child development in the School of Family Studies and Human Services at Kansas State University. Maybe Baby is one of four free online courses I created that includes FireWorks: Anger Management in Adult-child Relationships, I’m Positive: Nurturing Self-respect in Children, and A Course on Helping. For more information visit my website The WonderWise Parent.

I am the author of five books, including the recent Raising Courageous Kids: Eight Steps to Practical Heroism. One of my books, The Peaceful Classroom: 162 Easy Activities to Teach Preschoolers Compassion and Cooperation, has been translated into five languages.

I am the proud father of two children, a boy and girl who did more to teach me about being a dad than all the textbooks I have ever read.

If you would like to learn more about my experience, you can go to my father, my stepfather, and husband and father. Or you can skip ahead to My approach to learn more about this course.

If you proceed in this section, I thought you might be curious about how my past has affected my being a father. Since I will be challenging you to look inside yourself in this course anonymously I though revealing a little about myself is only fair.

Charles A. Smith