On the left side of the screen is a menu of all pages for the course. Some menu keywords will open a thread related to the keyword. As you move down this thread the keyword will be in light blue. For example, click on “About the Author.” Scan how the menu changed. Then click on the keyword “Navigation” to come back here.

Four new pages opened up related to the author. Return to “About the Author” and click on “My father.” Note that “About the Author” changed to a light blue. Then click on “Navigation” to come back here.

On the top of the screen just below the masthead is a “breadcrumbs” thread showing where you are now located and where your location is relative to the general outline.

Go ahead and just click around the site and see how the breadcrumbs thread and the main menu to the left reflect where you are located. Don’t read the content at this point, just get a feel for how to navigate the site. When you are done poking around, return here by clicking on “Introduction” then “Navigation” in the main left menu.

Although the menu to the left will allow you to skip around as you wish, I hope you proceed in sequence. At any point in the course I may base my comments on what I said in an earlier frame. Skipping around could be confusing.

In summary, just use the main menu on the left to move through the course in a descending order. Bookmark when you are ready to stop for a while since you are cannot get through the course and journal in one sitting.