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K-State Today

February 2, 2017

Food insecure students needed for research study

By Miranda Klugesherz

Are you a student, who, since August 2016, has skipped meals because you couldn't afford to eat or sought outside help — SNAP, food pantry, etc. — in order to eat? If so, K-State researchers want to hear your story.

Participants will receive a $50 gift card as compensation.

Research partners will be asked to take pictures of their lives for two weeks before participating in an individual interview as well as a group discussion to talk about their photos and experience. Informed consent will be requested at an initial meeting prior to the photography period.

Please email Miranda Klugesherz at mklugesherz@k-state.edu or call 719-205-8774 for more information or to participate.

This project has been reviewed by the University Research Compliance Office and has received approval No. 8325.